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Download (Cycles) the new album by clicking the Bandcamp link below. $10 per download.


(Cycles) CD:

Order a CD of the new album by Kojiro Umezaki (release date: April 15, 2014). Guest artists include Joseph Gramley (vibraphone, percussion), Dong-Won Kim (janggo), and Faraz Minooei (santur). Track List: 1. (Cycles) America 2. 108 3. Itsuki no Komoriuta (Lullaby from Itsuki) 4. ...seasons continue, as if none of this ever happened... 5. For Zero 6. (Cycles) what falls must rise Free Shipping (in the US)

Price: $14.95

Beat Infraction:

2007 release of Montreal-based trio, Beat in Fractions. Richard LeGendre (bass), Alain Mercure (drums/percussion), Kojiro Umezaki (shakuhachi). Free shipping (in the US)

USD $10.00