In København this week? Feel free to attend Shinpai Shinaide - Don't Worry About Us by @yaelgaathon, Masashi Nagara… https://t.co/9WMqprvKbY
Concert: Saturday, November 10, 8pm - UC Irvine - https://t.co/SNo9b7Aoj3 https://t.co/N0PpeDrwHJ
Next Sat, Nov 10, 8pm. If you're near Irvine, CA, join us for a concert titled Asia-America: New Ideas through Musi… https://t.co/umdVzQIWZf
Melbourne continues! Monday, Oct 15, 7pm @silkroadproject concert. For the first time in Australia, and exclusively… https://t.co/pCi7USL0pb
If you’re in beautiful Melbourne today (Sat), come join us for the last 2 shows of Layla & Majnun, a… https://t.co/74nV5lujvI
Shakuhachi tango, wha? Joining 2018 Grammy Award winner Pablo Ziegler (longtime pianist in Astor Piazzola's quintet… https://t.co/5bkJiffcNZ
Friends in the Chicago area! Show 2morrow (8/30) w/ Nicole Mitchell @blackearthmuse & BEE. Millennium Park Pritzker… https://t.co/FfrB4hUezN
Sat 8/25 joining Nicole Mitchell @blackearthmuse & Black Earth Ensemble at International Jazz Festival Saalfelden… https://t.co/wmBGcs6LPG
@auralmachine @C12beer lol
RT @Lanternfilmproj: Thanks to all who have supported us! It's being released on August 7th. It's available now for pre order on iTune… https://t.co/XGOE4mnVo4
RT @jillykeegan: Arts Transform Community #storytelling @Supamanhiphop @kojiroumezaki https://t.co/kGptWVgGzc
東京近辺の皆様、明日(6/22)AANMI (アジアアメリカ現代音楽協会) 日本ツアーの最終コンサート、サントリーホールで行います!19:00。チケットはこちらです:https://t.co/Q3DxqeKWYt学生は無料だそう… https://t.co/n4AETuZto2
Last concert of the AANMI tour w/ @yugacohler @hubnewmusic tomorrow in Tokyo at Suntory Hall! 19:00. Tickets are he… https://t.co/vPZbcbZYAe
公演数時間前のポストですみません!今夜19:00京都国立博物館@kyohaku_galleryでコンサート行います。なんと、バイオリンの五嶋龍さんと@yugacohler @hubnewmusic のプログラムです。今夜京都にいる… https://t.co/lKoNZGywek
Super last minute, but if you’re wandering around Kyoto this evening or know people who are, concert… https://t.co/coCa4LjJV3
@shodoushaku @hubnewmusic Hi Jeff! Dazaifu is the closest. Monday. 6/6. Tenmangu and Kyu-Haku. 2 shows same day!
AANMI(アジア・アメリカ現代音楽協会)コンサートツアーいよいよ開始です!今夜(6/11)と明後日(6/13)は京都。二条城と国立博物館。詳しくはこちらです: https://t.co/CPrKnsEhI6. 是非いらしてくださ… https://t.co/n7KayoPBdV
Kick off of AANMI Japan tour tonight w/ @hubnewmusic tonight! Kyoto Nijojo (二条城), 19:00. Join us! 2nd Kyoto show We… https://t.co/IKUzQHVw0Y
京都近辺お住まいの皆様、明日6/11(月)二条城二の丸御殿でコンサートを行います!開演は19:00です。是非いらしてください!チケットはこちらです:https://t.co/zA4OV82bS7 https://t.co/XZrsg7mfiG
For those in the Kyoto area, please join us for a concert Mon, 6/11 at Nijojo Castle! 19:00 start. Tickets are here… https://t.co/nt837CwaUQ
2 week Japan tour w/ Asia America New Music Institute (AANMI) and Hub New Music @hubnewmusic starts Mon 6/11 in Kyo… https://t.co/GNrY66Ig1H
Concert tonight @silkroadproject @TillesCenter Long Island, NY! https://t.co/fzntlsHGcv Next stops: NJPAC, Princeto… https://t.co/9TBIPpefYP
Kicking off 4 shows of Layla & Majnum 2nite @kencen w/ @MarkMorrisDance @silkroadproject ! Fri & 2 shows Sat. Join… https://t.co/DaX9IdXdXJ
2nd concert 2nite w/ Kei Akagi, Darek Oles, Jason Harnell @UCIrvine Smith Hall 8pm. Celebrating Kei's new album: Aq… https://t.co/4hAUTD6ECd
Looking forward being part of 2nite's NYC show @lprnyc @NYCWJF 8pm: @tyshawnsorey 9pm: Nicole Mitchell… https://t.co/EV55RO918C
2018, here we go! Jan/Feb concerts: NY, Stockholm, Orlando, SoCal: https://t.co/cSE9GD8cIX. Hope you can join!
With Eclipse Quartet 2nite, 8pm! Pasadena, Throop Church. https://t.co/HjXAmjmx2H @pielectro Hope 2 c u there!
Excited to play “(Cycles) what falls must rise” for shak, string q, and electronics w/ the Eclipse Quartet on Sat, … https://t.co/DZURhJUIyO
My dearest organization @silkroadproject #GivingTuesday! https://t.co/EHuXd26n6X
Join us at @peabodyessex Salem, MA. Sat, Nov 11! https://t.co/IEeBMeQuyy. Premiering 4 new works for shakuhachi! When does that happen?!!!
Announcing today new album by #SilkroadEnsemble @silkroadproject for #VietnamWarPBS. Listen:… https://t.co/TSXlXeAJAb
Chicago 2mrrw nite @PromontoryChi w/ Nicole Mitchell & Black Earth Ensemble. 8pm. Come join us!!! https://t.co/Man4YHPDs4
So honored to b part of @HartfordSymph season opening w/ Masayo Ishigure (koto)! Bthoven-Kanno-Bthoven. Last nite, 2nite 8pm, 2mrrw 3pm!!!
Happy #equinox everyone!!! Upcoming concerts/events for 2017-18 season: https://t.co/Zy3LlyWdni. Hope u can join us!
RT @YoYo_Ma: Hear @SilkroadProject on @KenBurns+@LynnNovick’s #VietnamWarPBS, premiering Sun 9/17 @PBS https://t.co/i2I04IqToV
RT @silkroadproject: New study guide from @StanfordSPICE on @CristinaPato & @kojiroumezaki "Vojo." Learn more: https://t.co/BpK3T4hhxg
#gala2017 #luxaeterna @LAMasterChorale https://t.co/BF3viXTCjS
So excited to sit in for 1 tune (+?) w/ my shak hero John Kaizan Neptune @bluewhalemusic in LA 2morrow nite (Mon 6/5). 9pm. 2 sets. Yay!!!
RT @silkroadproject: Nice article on @CristinaPato, @kojiroumezaki & @shanahandrums recent visit to Montana. #SilkRoadEnsemble https://t.co/7B59CI45Lb
The Business of Music: Jean Davidson on Creativity, Commerce, & LA's Thriving Arts Scene | The M Dash https://t.co/3aBkpIjDBK #proudhusband
Application deadline tomorrow (Wed, Mar 15!) for @silkroadproject @BlockCello Global Musician Workshop! https://t.co/Jg6gDxnXvP
Show in DC 2nite w/ Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble. If in the area, plz join us! Presented by @capitalbop. https://t.co/kcUPno4Stk
RT @silkroadproject: We are honored to be a part of this series. https://t.co/60ftlagRnk
Kei Akagi, Darek Oles, Tamaya Honda, yours truly 2nite @bluewhalemusic LA Little Tokyo. 9pm start. Come join us! Piano/bass/drums/shak!
Thank u @OCMA & all at last nite's show w/ Kei Akagi, Darek Oles, Tamaya Honda! Next: @bluewhalemusic Wed 11/2 9pm. Hope 2 c u there!
2nite at @OCMA! Feel free to join us. Very 1st show of a new project w/ Kei Akagi (piano), Darek Oles (bass), and T… https://t.co/Qg26ZyRYvn
RT @silkroadproject: Great performance of #StJamesInfimaryBlues from #SingMeHome w/ the #SilkRoadEnsemble & @RhiannonGiddens at @TEDTalks https://t.co/y7v4OCX5ot
RT @silkroadproject: #TheMusicofStrangers is now playing in #HongKong! https://t.co/J2llc3GeXF
RT @silkroadproject: .@kojiroumezaki talks about the #SilkRoadEnsemble's arrangement of #LaylaandMajnun. @MarkMorrisDance https://t.co/Ba3P3hkoFx
Thnx 2 all @thegetty @GCIConservation 4 last night's @silkroadproject sold out premiere of Cave of the Silken Web! https://t.co/53LMN58SEg
What a way to return home to LA. Thank u @HollywoodBowl! Thank u everyone who joined us for the @silkroadproject concert tour! #singmehome
Thankful 4 generous audience in & outside @greenmusicctr @silkroadproject show last nite! Last tour stop @HollywoodBowl 2morrow nite! Home!
Extraordinary welcoming audience @GreekTheatreBer 4 @silkroadproject @calperformances show last nite. Thank u! @greenmusicctr Sonoma 2nite!
Gr8 to meet so many people after the @RaviniaFestival @silkroadproject show last nite! @calperformances @GreekTheatreBer show 2morrow night!
Thank u 4 making us feel at "home" last nite @Indy_Symphony! @silkroadproject tour continues @RaviniaFestival 2nite!
Thank u everyone @BlossomMusicCtr #awesomemusicctr 4 @silkroadproject show last night! @Indy_Symphony show 2morrow! https://t.co/VISPnsalYD
Extraordinarily welcoming audience @Wolf_Trap @silkroadproject concert last night. Thank you!!! @BlossomMusicCtr next. Tomorrow!
"Hugs" to all @FreemanStage. Really welcoming audience. Thank you! @Wolf_Trap @silkroadproject show tonight!
Can't thank @longwoodgardens enough 4 last night's @silkroadproject show. On to @FreemanStage 4 show tonight! https://t.co/cGV0IFdt9D
Belated thnx @BostonSymphony Tanglewood ("home"!) for @silkroadproject tour kickoff! @longwoodgardens show tonight!
Q&A w/ yours truly after 7:20pm Irvine Regal UTC 6 showing tonight of #TheMusicOfStrangers! https://t.co/lHmj23UPaV https://t.co/SoQ4bxUULn
Tomorrow #TheMusicOfStrangers opens at Regal UTC 6 across from @UCIrvine! Q&A w/ yours truly after Mon, 6/20, 7:20pm showing confirmed!
RT @thegetty: Cave concert—Watch Japanese bamboo flute performed in the #CaveTemples of Dunhuang https://t.co/EKxhwgTNxF https://t.co/dwn9jUJjgV
@HeyLizWood Thank you! @kuciFM so gr8!
@HeyLizWood scary big face, no? Feel free to spread the word about #TheMusicofStrangers! Opens in Irvine UTC on Friday 6/17. Cyber on break!
RT @LTLosAngeles: #TheMusicOfStrangers director #MorganNeville & musician @KojiroUmezaki from their visit to #TheLandmark on Fri night https://t.co/rfibpNMdnG
RT @thegetty: Artists from the Silk Road Ensemble interpret the Dunhuang #CaveTemples through live music https://t.co/u5uckTMKFO https://t.co/JxFYKS8u5s
RT @pauldavidson: Music of Strangers Q&A at @LTLosAngeles with Morgan and Ko. @silkroadproject @Participant @orchtweets https://t.co/UJUbmR53J7
RT @Participant: L.A. - don't miss director #MorganNeville and @silkroadproject's @KojiroUmezaki TONIGHT at @LTLosAngeles. https://t.co/RfCPQfGn9y
RT @LTLosAngeles: Q&A #TheLandmark tonight w/ #TheMusicOfStrangers dir #MorganNeville & musician @KojiroUmezaki. Tix: https://t.co/0qHXxGMtvG @silkroadprojec
Q&A w/ Morgan Neville & yours truly @LTLosAngeles tonight & Sat. Thnx @Participant @orchtweets @silkroadproject! https://t.co/1dUHRlc5N4
TMOS opens today in NYC and LA! Where else? https://t.co/tDErtoAhnQ. Trailer: https://t.co/lHmj23UPaV. https://t.co/UXDqFYW8ey
RT @LTLosAngeles: Just In! @KojiroUmezaki will join #TheMusicOfStrangers dir #MorganNeville for Q&A Fri & Sat w/ a performance! Tix: https://t.co/P4yvVUAPCd
So grateful to have the opportunity record some shakuhachi for @Lanternfilmproj @paperlanternfilmproj. https://t.co/1V6dqibvB4
@thegetty #cavetemples a must visit! Gr8 day w/ @silkroadproject Sandeep Das, Nick Cords, & gr8 students @artworxla! https://t.co/CAzrRmVZ92
Really excited re: new Silk Road Ensemble @silkroadproject album #singmehome released today on #earthday #fullmoon! https://t.co/AMzZ0j47hq.
RT @silkroadproject: “Every little thing counts in ways that wouldn’t matter in so many other environments.” @CristinaPato @kojiroumezaki https://t.co/5xgqytq6R8
"Ichichila" (as arranged by Shane Shanahan) unleashed! https://t.co/WNzX3Vvy19
RT @silkroadproject: A beautiful musical moment to end our visit at Lame Deer w/ @CristinaPato & @kojiroumezaki — https://t.co/LaOr8uuq7m https://t.co/I7CN6ewTsu
Many thanks to everyone at the Lame Deer School for last week's visit! @silkroadproject shouts: "Go Morning Stars!" https://t.co/7gXsLPdUZR
RT @silkroadproject: On the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Lame Deer MT this wk exploring art, music, and stories with middle schoolers https://t.co/kK10UVKSw6
So excited for vids/recordings from #singmehome to start rolling out! #shakulute #furuhachi unleashed on this vid! https://t.co/NLH6E39ZVb
End of @silkroadproject tour. Always bittersweet. Thank u @TEDTalks @ArtsandLectures @StanfordLive @CarmelPalladium! #singmehome
RT @silkroadproject: So much fun at #TED2016 w/ #silkroadensemble @JoeGramleyUMich @kojiroumezaki @johnnyg2703 @evanziporyn @reylonwhy https://t.co/yNha0fdALn
RT @silkroadproject: Greetings from #TED2016! w/ #silkroadensemble @JoeGramleyUMich @johnnyg2703 @kojiroumezaki @reylonwhy @evanziporyn https://t.co/4UKaLIGhOV
RT @JoeGramleyUMich: Super Psyched to play with @silkroadproject @RhiannonGiddens @kojiroumezaki @johnnyg2703 today @TEDTalks #TED2016 https://t.co/7YWOvg0WJO
Super excited for 2/16 @silkroadproject #TED2016 Dream performance w/ @RhiannonGiddens! @TEDTalks debut of Levenson #shakulute #furuhachi?!
RT @silkroadproject: Tonight's premiere of the #MusicofStrangers w/ @YoYo_Ma & #silkroadensemble at @berlinale is completely sold out! https://t.co/3V3v5bl9Nj
RT @silkroadproject: Connecting cultures through music w/ @CristinaPato & @kojiroumezaki #vojo #silkroadensemble https://t.co/CNj2cB6Ybt https://t.co/4RZXSFjKM9
RT @JoeGramleyUMich: Cycles (America) by @kojiroumezaki https://t.co/To6WFgliVw #waltwhitman
RT @mariafinkperc: Tomorrow at @MFABostonMusic! inspired by MFA's collection! Works by @robertshonstein @CaseyCangelosi @kojiroumezaki https://t.co/8ff9hiZQyI
RT @mariafinkperc: Solo show! mfaboston thurs 6pm! Here: (Cycles) America by @kojiroumezaki for @joeGramleyUMich https://t.co/FwVrAd6zDA
RT @JoeGramleyUMich: Just released a new video: @kojiroumezaki 'For Zero' produced by @evanmchapman https://t.co/E8bxCkVo27
RT @JoeGramleyUMich: .@kojiroumezaki 'Cycles - America' video by @evanmchapman is now up at https://t.co/bM0m2qj1UL
Gr8 to record a bit of shak for @Lanternfilmproj at Matthew Snyder Recordings. Thnx Chad Cannon! What a gr8 project. Can't wait 4 screening!
RT @silkroadproject: Thank you, hubweek! We had a blast. #fenwayforum @cristinapato #kojiroumezaki #joegramley… https://t.co/824xJ3GFlh
RT @jeffreybeecher: Devastatingly good session w @YoYo_Ma @RhiannonGiddens @kinanazmeh @JoeGramleyUMich @kojiroumezaki @johnnyg2703 #SoCool #SoSweet #SoFair
If ur near Toronto, come c world premiere of Music of Strangers! http://t.co/k2K0JM2sf9 @TOfilmfest @TremoloDocs @silkroadproject
RT @JoeGramleyUMich: Day II in the studio with @evanmchapman on @kojiroumezaki commissions http://t.co/RVnWJxrxA2
RT @TurnaroundArts: Great vid of our Hawai`i launch, ft interviews w/ @jackjohnson @JakeShimabukuro @AlfreWoodard! http://t.co/VDcCuyOWJO http://t.co/sXp2ByB1Fm
RT @MusicalToronto: Win 2 tickets to see @silkroadproject w/ @YoYo_Ma – Follow @MusicalToronto + RT to enter – http://t.co/lh9PvfOkVK http://t.co/7O5gxMwi7y
...special shoutout to F, B, & S for holding that awesome poster!
So glad to meet and play music w/ everyone at @DMschools Madison @TurnaroundArts @CristinaPato @silkroadproject! http://t.co/PdRA0SWysA
RT @silkroadproject: NEW video - http://t.co/5RobTQDlyC @kinanazmeh @BlockCello @johnnyg2703 @JoeGramleyUMich @YoYo_Ma @CristinaPato @kojiroumezaki @wumanpipa
RT @silkroadproject: Great job, @CristinaPato and @kojiroumezaki! https://t.co/mKBL2aSwDO
RT @silkroadproject: @CristinaPato and @kojiroumezaki are in Des Moines today as part of our ongoing partnership with @TurnaroundArts http://t.co/uzQ5ewMSpR
Belated thanks to @BucknellMusic and Dr. Paul Botelho for the invite to visit and perform #cycleslive!
RT @EJacobsenMusic: @jeandavidson Was such an beautiful night with these two incredible musicians @gabrielkahane @kojiroumezaki
Super excited to perform "(Cycles) America" live w/ @GrBPTSym tomorrow! @EJacobsenMusic conducting. Concert features @gabrielkahane!
Spectacular way to end @silkroadproject tour at @GOSHENCOLLEGE. Maple Leafs, your hall is extraordinary. Thank u! http://t.co/bRBzF7wL3R
Silk Road Chicago 2015! A very belated yet heartfelt thnx for @silkroadproject concert @chicagosymphony. http://t.co/uuTWcY1jkZ.
RT @silkroadproject: "Spectacular virtuosity" Props to @CristinaPato, @kojiroumezaki, @santript, @KayhanKalhor, @kinanazmeh! http://t.co/FTXxONxiKI
Thank u @WFMTclassical Impromptu for sharing a @silkroadproject moment with all! http://t.co/4IkNczsEjC
Uncommonly magical @silkroadproject @celebrityseries concert last nite. Gr8 atmosphere. Saw some of statues in Symphony Hall moving! Maybe?
Thank you @musicworcester for @silkroadproject concert last night! Wonderful audience! Everyone should experience @mechanicshall!
Thnx @WashPerformArts @kencen & all for braving icy streets last night for @silkroadproject! SRE: "Where's the bus?" http://t.co/eJACwhPz9v
Warm audience melting Carolina snow @UNCPerformArts. Feels like home to @silkroadproject. Thanks @emilkang and all for last night's concert!
Beautiful sound and audience at Pittsburgh Symphony's Heinz Hall. https://t.co/QqR0LSLnna. Thank u!
A belated thnx also to @mccarter. Always nice to return. Personal note: gr8 to reconnect w/ the Levines! My 1st job: http://t.co/DebP00CJu5.
Belated thnx to incomparable @nyphil for 3 concerts, Young People's Concert, Very Young Composers with @silkroadproject. Very special week!
RT @silkroadproject: "No end of virtuosity" from @nytimesmusic; props to @KayhanKalhor, @kinanazmeh, @kojiroumezaki, @wumanpipa http://t.co/0QLv5C8v96
RT @PCAH_gov: Backstage @NAMMShow w some #TurnaroundArtists before going onstage to talk abt @TurnaroundArts & our Eval Report! http://t.co/MAtK8swLem
Whoops! 2pm PST, not EST!
Tune in to @NAMMShow at 2 PM EST today for research news from @TurnaroundArts w/@RHCPchad, @Tromboneshorty, @citizencope & @AlfreWoodard!
@silkroadproject tour starts @AveryFisherHall in 1 month (Feb 19). Details: http://t.co/SJAh8ME8Vk . Yours truly piece on programs! Join us!
...forgot to add to http://t.co/X58Cs1SGnE: "Open wide!" :) @WatersideDDS
Why does culture matter? @silkroadproject @YoYo_Ma #UNselfie #GivingTuesday #culturematters http://t.co/X58Cs1SGnE
Incredible way to end fall 2014 Silkroad Asia tour at new Shanghai Symphony Concert Hall. Thnx to all! #silkroad15 http://t.co/hhly8r8MiJ
Thanks to Lucid Culture/NY Music Daily for (Cycles) album review! http://t.co/EImOzqWRkF http://t.co/rE0WJxE2SU
Truly grateful for the wonderful support from all at @UCIrvine #cycleslive show last night. Shane, Faraz, Darrin, @EclipseQuartet thank you!
@silkroadproject :)
West Coast premiere of #cycleslive, Sat, Oct 18 8pm @UCIrvine w/ very special guests. Details: http://t.co/VbwP3x2jUc. Join us!
Save The Date: #cycleslive concert Saturday 10/18/14 8 p.m. @UCIrvine. Hope to see you there! http://t.co/VbwP3x2jUc
I just saved my tweets with @Tweet_Download (http://t.co/ornaNuoiS7)!
Congrats to SILKROAD on new web site as part of the 15-year anniversary celebration #silkroad15. Visit at http://t.co/3EOqpaCIMm!
Truly grateful for the special experience @TheHuntington and to Wu Man & Dong-Won! http://t.co/5VwCC2tpGH
@TheHuntington tonite w/ Wu Man & Dong-Won Kim outdoors in the beautiful Liu Fang Yuan 流芳園! http://t.co/77P5H9h3jg. http://t.co/MExIK7PlQh
Classical Playlist: Bang on a Can All-Stars, Meredith Monk, Kojiro Umezaki and More http://t.co/9z02FpopGG :)
Congrats to all the @PCAH_gov #TurnaroundArts students and schools! http://t.co/VGaj5ztNtP
Also, big thanks to Ron Alden at http://t.co/aaIMRUTKIi for including "For Zero" on program 803! http://t.co/qAU2tsz5cv
Thanks once again to Bob Rogers @taintradio for including "(Cycles) what fall must rise" on taint town live! http://t.co/1vv1guZq6r
CSU Long Beach tonight for the premiere of Alan Shockley's "...in oceangreen of shadow"! If in SoCal, join us! https://t.co/IAMz65ZbUT
May 20, 2014 Kojiro Umezaki at Huntington Library... http://t.co/HVh1unESDh
Thank you @AnEarful for a thoughtful and generous review of (Cycles)!
RT @AnEarful: A new context for the shakuhachi on this gorgeous new album. anearful: Umezaki's (Cycles) http://t.co/YytT8h6a7Z #newmusic
RT @PBS: The Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma premieres tonight! Catch a sneak peek: http://t.co/TmG4UKSZ6J @silkroadproject #silkroad15
@taintradio and Bob Rogers THANK YOU for playing "…seasons continue…" off (Cycles) on taint town live, http://t.co/GMXDSHj45B!
RT @newsounds: New for April: @prismquartet, @A_Turnquist, Toumani Diabate (@WorldCircuit), @kojiroumezaki & @Brooklyn_Rider, more. http://…
Thanks to John Schaefer @newsounds for including "(Cycles) what falls must rise" on New Releases, April 2014! http://t.co/R4RvdIHAd1
Tonight @UCIrvine (OC/SoCal): Gassmann Electronic Music Series: Interactive Instrumentation. http://t.co/sJRNqXZnmR. Playing w/ Kei Akagi!
"(Cycles) what falls must rise" on WFMU: Nick Name: Playlist from April 25, 2014 http://t.co/Q90FGPq7IT. Thank you @careinthecom!
If ur in OC/SoCal this wk, join John Crawford, Kei Akagi, and I 4/22, 23, and/or 24 for The Distributed Body http://t.co/MVMbc7BFM3!
Thanks to @taintradio for playing "(Cycles) what falls must rise" featuring @Brooklyn_Rider off of #(Cycles)!
Many thanks to Death Valley Radio (http://t.co/qc0SeE8t7w) for including "(Cycles) America" on your track list (http://t.co/Owi4ZLhdBN)!
A belated thnx to all of u who attended the #(Cycles) release concert 1 wk ago today! The Stone NYC: such a vital and invaluable venue!
Thanx to Andrew Jervis @Bandcamp for including "(Cycles) America" on BC Weekly! http://t.co/YPfTfywXFp
RT @Bandcamp: New BC Weekly up! http://t.co/AIr5adfli1 featuring @marc4hero, @LOrangeMusic, @RecordsYoruba, @BabyJaymes, and @zaramcfarlane.
RT @coryramey: Classical scene in @WSJNY: @kojiroumezaki, @MATAFestival, I Puritani @MetOpera & Anna Gourari: http://t.co/7l6XTihqLu
Show tonight at The Stone, corner Ave C & 2nd St NYC. 8 pm. With @JoeGramleyUMich. Celebrating release of (Cycles) on In a Circle Records!
@TremoloDocs congrats on #Oscars2014 award!
A belated thank you to all at the extraordinary and incomparable @ROH_Muscat for a very special #SilkRoad15 experience!
New website is now live! http://t.co/JCb5j2p4fL. Thank you @Section101Tweet!
(Very) belated thanks to @cartoonstudies for hosting #jonappleton75 concert! Eugene Friesen, Paul Botelho: amazing musicians.
Classical Playlist: Bang on a Can All-Stars, Meredith Monk, Kojiro Umezaki and More

May 28, 2014 3:40 pm

Kojiro Umezaki, shakuhachi player and electronics; Joseph Gramley, vibraphonist and percussionist; Dong-Won Kim, janggo player; Faraz Minooei, santur player; Brooklyn Rider
(In a Circle Records)
The shakuhachi virtuoso Kojiro Umezaki is a regular traveler with the Silk Road Ensemble. Here, in collaboration with musicians from different ethnic traditions and the string quartet Brooklyn Rider, he further expands the emotional and cultural range of this hauntingly human-sounding bamboo flute. (Fonseca-Wollheim)

...read more
Adventurous Musicians and the Vocal Gymnastics of Madness

April 13, 2014 11:24 p.m. ET

Kojiro Umezaki

The Stone

Avenue C and Second Street, (212) 473-0043



Kojiro Umezaki is perhaps best known for playing shakuhachi, or Japanese flute, in Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble, but he is also a composer in his own right. On Monday, as a CD release event for his recent album, "(Cycles)," Mr. Umezaki performs works for shakuhachi and electronics at John Zorn's East Village venue, the Stone. His influences include, he says, a Dvořák symphony, a Walt Whitman poem and music along the Silk Road. Percussionist and fellow Silk Road Ensemble member Joseph Gramley also performs.

Photo: Kojiro Umezaki plays a shakuhachi, or Japanese flute. @Paul Kennedy


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Song of the Silk Road

Times of Oman

BY DR. PATRICIA GROVES    |    JANUARY 31, 2014 , 2 : 12 PM GST    

World famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma and his Silk Road Ensemble treated music enthusiasts in Muscat to a cultural voyage across the historic trading route at the Royal Opera House Muscat last week.

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A Playlist Without Borders: Charlie Rose (10/18)

Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- On "Charlie Rose," a conversation with world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma and members of the Silk Road Project. Their new album is called "A Playlist Without Borders." (Source: Bloomberg)

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The Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma at Carnegie Hall

Wednesday, October 16 at 8 PM
Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, the innovative Silk Road Ensemble returns with a program of works from Asia, Europe, and the United States. Formed under the artistic direction of cellist Yo-Yo Ma, this collective of distinguished performers and composers from more than 20 countries performs previous commissions and new works by Vijay IyerJohn Zorn, and David Bruce.